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Unleash your inner lion with Ella for just £99 p/h

I am your little Leo – would you like to hear me roar? Yes, I am a dark maned lion who like to roar. Some say that I am a soft little pussy but I would call myself to smooth for that. You cannot have a mane wherever you like, there has to be some limitations. After all, a girl has to keep herself trimmed and ready to go at any time here at London X City escorts. That is something that I truly like doing, what do you like doing?

Well, I hope that I could entice you to pick up the phone and make a date with your Leo girl. Like all other Leo girls I very much like to be the center of attention and make the most out of life. The girl that you see dancing in front of you, and wrapping her legs around that pole, is very likely to be a Leo girl. You see, we are exhibitionists. Some of the top models have been Leo girls, and that is not saying anything about all of the sexy porn stars who have been born under the sign of Leo.

I know that I am not a porn star but I do look after my body all the same. When I feel good, I know that I look good and I hope that I can make you feel good as well. With my long dark hair, toned figure and sexy bosom, I am a girl who like to feel and caress. If you happen to feel the same way, perhaps we could hook up. I have many delights that I would like to have a chance to tell you about. Once you know a little bit more about them, perhaps you will be ready to take me on.

Tell me, when was the last time you really enjoyed life? Lots of gents give me a call at London X City escorts and tell me that they really do not enjoy life. I feel so sad for them and I like to help. But the problem is that I don’t know who needs my help out there. Once you give me a call, I know exactly where you are and I will come over to help you. At the end of the day, are you not really after some help in one form or another…

Maybe you are seeking a bit of relief. If that is the case, I can help you as well. To me, giving relief in its many forms is a real pleasure, and tonight, I would like to show what that is all about. Perhaps I could slip my stilettos on and come around to your place. Like so many other girls, I prefer to see gents in their personal place. I find that it is a much more relaxing experience, and once I have gone back home to my Leo pride, you can chill out. Arranging a date with your Leo girl here at London X City escorts is never a problem. Just give me a call if you would like to hear me roar…

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