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Can I be your blond dream tonight? They call me Lizzy here at London X City escorts, and they say that I am one of the hottest girls that they have ever known. It may surprise you that I am a Norwegian Viking princess, but then again, us Scandinavian girls need to find ways to turn the heat up during any time of the year. I have my own personal way of doing so, and I would like to show you how it is done.

With my long legs and slim body, I am the ideal date when it comes to business or pleasure. Sometimes it is really hard to find a girl who is good at both, but I am the exception. You can take me out for a nice meal, or we can just stay behind closed doors and play if you like. Spending time with me in either way is a pleasure and I know that you and I can have a lot of fun together. I am sure that once we meet, you will appreciate what I am all about.

My body is my temple and I like to look after it. Spending time in the gym is something that I really like, and I like to show off my body to its best. That means keeping it in tip top condition for you, but that is no hassle at all. After all, it is all part of the art of looking good and having some fun at the same time. Treating my friends to the pleasure of my toned body, is a special pleasure indeed. So far, I have not had any complaints at all, and I take pride in that.

My long blond hair falls over my shoulders, but I like to keep it a little bit swept away from my face. It is just so that you can see my blue eyes better and I am sure that you will like that. Also, you will be able to see my two pride and joy. They like to stand up for their rights, and their soft centers become hard and firm when I think of the many things that I dream about when left on my own. But, they are not the only part of my to react to my kinky dreams, I can feel myself becoming moist at the same time.

If, you would like to get to know me a little bit better, just give me a call. I can be around to your place before you know it, but then again I think that anticipation is fun. Sometimes the delight of waiting for something sweet to turn up can be almost overwhelming, and you are just ready to explode. That is how I feel when I am on my way to you. It feels like I am ready to go off like a little bomb, and not be able to stop myself. I think about you sitting there waiting for me, and about all of the fun things that we can do when we are behind closed doors. If you have any special plans for me, just let me know. I am sure that I will be able to accommodate them.

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