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Take a bite out of Marilyn’s danish buns for £99 p/h

When I was younger, I dreamed of being a model. A lot has happened since then, and you may have to say that my dreams have changed. Since joining London X City escorts, I have realized that there are so many other dreams that you can have. Like I tell my friends, modelling is all about making the most out of your body, and so is escorting. I still get a chance to make the most out of my body and I love that. If you would like to share the ride with me, just give me a call.

With my long blond hair which is slightly curly, I don’t look so different from my name sake Marilyn Monroe. When I was a little girl growing up in Denmark, I used to be fascinated by her. With her perfect sexy figure, I think that she was the ultimate expression of feminine beauty. What I liked about her more than anything, was that she was not worried about being herself. I very much feel the same way.

Looking good means feeling good and that is what I focus on. My nice soft skin comes from many hours of skin brushing, and applying only the very best skin lotions. Following my own strict routine has allowed me to stay soft, and almost “pettable” like a sexy little kitten. When you add my two perfect peaks to that equation, you may appreciate that it is something that I am offering you tonight. Now tell me, what do you have to offer me? I am getting excited just thinking about it.

But there is more to me than soft skin. My legs are long and I like to have my sexy bottom petted as well. It kind of gives it a nice and sexy glow, and what girl does not appreciate that. I am sure that most girls appreciate that, and I know that I certainly do. There is nothing like that warm feeling that you get after a good session of whatever you are thinking about. Anyway, what are you thinking about? I would love to know what you are thinking about. It is probably something really exciting that would turn me on as much as it turns you on.

Let me know what you are thinking about, I will tell you if we are thinking about the same thing. If we happen to be thinking about the same thing, it would be kind of neat. To make sure that we really are in tune with each other, perhaps we should get together as soon as possible. Let me just grab my shoes and coat, and I will be around to show you what I have got underneath my coat. If you are impressed, you can tell me that you like what you see. I know that I am going like what I see. So, unleash this Danish blond from her shackles, and let me come around to keep you company before the night is over.

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