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Enjoy the ride of your life with Mercedes, £99 p/h

Can I be your hot topic tonight? There are so many hot topics going on these days and I am not sure that I am comfortable with them. To be honest, they are not really subjects that I am comfortable discussing at all. I do like to have a little chat, but my chats are a bit more intimate than they are public, if you know what I mean. Besides that, what would you like to talk about today, and what kind of language would you like to use. I can speak in all sorts of tongues if you like.

I consider myself being one of the best brands here at London X City escorts. Just like a finely tuned car, you can get my motor running easily. Once I am revved up, I like to keep the momentum up. Some girls like to put on the brakes, but I am not that sort of girl at all. As a matter of fact, putting the brakes on is something I really don’t like doing at all. What is the point of putting the brakes on when there are so many exciting places to go and explore. When we get together, I just know that you want to go for miles with me… Anyway, I am sure that I can keep you going for miles.

And would you want to put the brakes on me? Take a little bit of closer look at me, and you will find that you may want to go steady with those brakes. Braking too hard can have dangerous consequences. One thing is for sure, once you have revved up my engine and find the right speed to go at, you may not want to change a thing.

They say that a car has curves. Yes, I know that is true but it is not only cars that have got curves and lines. I do as well. In general, I don’t mind crossing the line a little bit, but something that I really like to do is to show off my curves. They are just as smooth and sexy as that AMG Mercedes that you may have parked in your garage. Not only that, they offer you a sporty version as well. When you engage my overdrive using what ever means you have handy, you will see that all of my gears will respond.

With my long legs, sparkling eyes and soft smooth lines, you will be in for a real dream ride. Start by taking control of my well appointed rack, and you will be ready to have some excellent fun tonight. Not only that, just like an AMG, I need to be topped up every so often. The good news is that you don’t need a technical manual to top me up. I like to let hands and fingers do the talking, and find how they can top me up. If you are ready to take on this hot rod, just give me a call. I promise to be your dream ride tonight…

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