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Would you like to meet a nice frisky girl who would just love to be your play date tonight? In that case you need to give London X City escorts a call and ask for me Ramona. I am one of the sexiest most playful ladies that you can hope to meet here in London. But like the gents say, one of the best things up about me, is that I like to pick up my stilettos and come to see you wherever you may be hiding in London at not extra charge.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, pinch yourself, you are not dreaming. That is exactly what I am prepared to do for you. Okay, that may not be exactly right as I am prepared to do other things for you as well, but we can talk about that a little bit later. But then again, if you happen to have any special requirements, you can always ask our excellent receptionist when call to arrange your date. I would like us to be perfect for each other.

To be honest, I am pretty sure that you will find me perfect company. I have this young delicious body that just likes to keep going for hours at an end. Too much is not enough for me, and if you want to have some excellent adult fun tonight, I know exactly what I would like to show you. My skill set is rather limitless and I have this feeling that you will enjoy it. And, I am dying to know what special skills that you have in store for me…

My friends often describe me as a bit of sultry brunette. I am not sure what the world sultry really means, but I do know that I like to feel sexy, and that I get turned on easily. Does that have anything to do with being sultry? When I don’t have my hands full with doing other things, I like to explore things myself. My gentle but firm hands like to feel their way around my body, and I have found some places that can do with a little bit more investigating. Perhaps you could help me out here. I am sure you can, and you may even want me to help you with a thing or two.

I am proud of my ASSets and like to show you all what I have got. Not only do I have one of the most smackable bottoms in London, but I also have other assets that I like to show you. Sometimes they are covered up by a fine piece of lingerie, but there is nothing better they like than to come out to play. Well, enough about me. I can talk all night if you are looking for some verbal communication, but I also know that you make be keen to speak a different language all together. Just pick up the phone and give me a call when you need some company.

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