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Let Roxy add heat to your evening for just £99 p/h

Roxy – why don’t you put on your red light? I know that is suppose to be Roxanne but I rather be your Foxy Roxy tonight. My name is indeed Roxy and I am one of the hottest girls that you can meet in London. I am not sure how familiar you are with dating hot escorts, but it is rumored that we have some talents which are special. When you are truly interested in existing more on the physical plane than the spiritual plane, I am the girl for you. If you fancy meeting me to learn more about what the girls who work for London X City are about, all you need to is to call London X City escorts.

Do I deliver love with a sting in the tail? No, I do not, I am probably one of the most gentle creatures that you could hope to meet. But that does not mean that I am not excitable. My friends say that I am a very excitable young lady. Now tell me, are you ready to introduce a little bit of excitement in your life? I hope that you are. You see, I have just read in my horoscope that I should start to connect more with people. It says that I will reap rewards. Interesting – keep on wondering what those rewards could be.

When I am not too busy looking up at the stars, I like to look after my body, The best exercises for a young lady like me is pole dancing exercise and a bit of yoga. Over the last year, I have been practising hot yoga, and lets put it this way, it has made me really hot. My body is now nicely toned, and I love the way hot yoga has firmed up by buttocks. If you like, we can practice a couple of moves together if you like, and I can show you what I have learned.

Not only do I like to get into all sorts of poses and positions for yoga, but I like to get my body into interesting poses for other reasons as well. Some of them you may not have seen before, and they actually belong in the realm of couples yoga. Maybe I can get you to test out some of these poses with you, and you can tell me if you enjoy them. I am sure that you will enjoy them, but I would like to make sure.

With my long blond hair, and sexy Scandinavian eyes, I may not look like any other blond babe that you have met, but I am all ready for you. Like all London X City babes, I can be a little bit secretive, so I am not going reveal all of my talents to you straight away. But gradually as you get to know me, I know that you will come to like what I have got for you. There is a lot more to me than the perfect firm body with ridges and peaks in all of the right places. Smooth planes lead to moist valleys that you may want to learn more about. Maybe I will even reveal some of my special secrets to you…

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